Pnuematic Sock Label Tagging Machine for Socks

Short Description:

Usage: socks,towels,gloves,t shirts, car mats, floor mats, t shirts and so on

Production Capacity: One machine can do tagging 1850 pair socks per hour

Tagging Thickness: 5~30mm

Voltage: 220V/50HZ

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Pneumatic Sock/Tower/ Glove tagging machine

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TM5209 Pneumatic Socks Tagging Machine For Socks Towels Gloves
Pneumatic Tagging Machine use for tagging on socks,towels,gloves,t shirts, car mats, floor mats, t shirts and so on.
One machine can do tagging 1850 pair socks per hour, one worker only finish tagging on 300 pairs per hour.
one machine can replace 2~3 workers on tagging job.

Do you have those boring problems in your Packaging workshop?
A. workers always complain to you that the tag gun is hard to penetrate the thick and hard products.
B. In order to meet the delivery time, packing workers over-time-packaging in day and night,low efficiency and more complains from workers.
C. Tag Guns are damaged to be piled up looks like a small mountain in warehouse,they are easy to be damaged by workers, you need buy new ones forever.
D. It is hard to recruit skillful packing workers. The new hands dislike the boring packing jobs and left when they are skilled.
E. The large order buyer ask you finish the products with 30 days, but you need 35 days. because the packaging need at least 7 days.
If you always face these problems, Tagging machine will help you to solve them.

Pneumatic Tagging Machine
Solenoid System Voltage 220V ±10%
Power 50/60 HZ 3.6VA
Main performance parameters (Socks) Tagging Speed 27pairs/Min 0.45pair /Sec
Min Speed 20pairs/Min 0.25pair/Sec
Max. Speed 30pairs/Min 0.5pair/Sec
Pneumatic system Air pressure 0.5~0.8KPa
Min Air Pressure 0.5Kpa
Max Air Pressure 0.8Kpa

 Main Features

1.Save Labor
2.Increase the tagging speed
3.Pneumatic Save power
4.Simple machine, more stable
5.Aluminum parts with Copper inside parts, more durable.

Detail Images

bisd (2)

Machine Head

The inside parts made of copper, more stable and Durable

Solenoid Valve

Famous brand of Solenoid Valve.The parts is very stable and durable.

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Tag Pin

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detail (3)

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