Automatic Good Price Sock Toe Sewing Machine Sock Linking Machine for Sale

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Model: 181 one motor

Production Capacity: 800 pairs/hour

Voltage: 220V


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181 one motor Sock Toe Closing Machine


Product Description

1. Automatically lubricating nose device makes a longer performance life and a better working environment with low-noise.

2. Adopting automatically cutting device, the sutures will be cutting unified length.

3. Turnover yarn feeding device makes the yarn cleaning conveniently. Built-in automatic hoisting device is for conveying purpose, assure the socks’ planeness.

4. An optical fiber inductive time lapse function as yarn feeding makes it possible to set delay time according to the running speed, which reduces the waste of sutures substantially when sewing.

5. Adopting dual channel nose device, makes the sock sewed with fine flat seams.

6. Adjusting the sewing density of socks is available with a renewal gear.

Technical Parameters

Production Capacity 800 pairs/hour
Motor 1 brushless motor
Voltage 220V
Freqency 50HZ
Power 570W
(Fan: 370W, Main process equipment: 200W)
Gross Weight 115KGS
Net Weight 66KGS
Package Size 1*0.48*1.3M



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Sock Production Line

The finished socks from sock knitting machine is not completed, so sock toe linking machine is used to make toe closed.
There are several types can be offered: one linking motor 181, two linking motor 282, three linking motor 383, five linking motor 585, six linking motor 686. The more linking motor, the better linking effect.
One/ Two/ Three linking motor will be more popular to be purchased.
(Sock Tagging Machine, Yarn Winding Machine, Grinding Machine depends on your own needs)


Sock Turn Over Machine



This machine is a sock toe closing machine connected to a sock turning machine, which can help you save manpower and time, and it can turn the socks over by itself.

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