Single Head Multi Function Computer Hat T-shirt Embroidery Machine Price

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12 Needles  15Needles  20 Needles

Suitable for: Hats, clothes, etc

Automatic color change

Support 14 countries languages


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Single Head 12 Needles Embroidery Machine 12 Colors

embroidery machine
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Head Number: 1
Number of Color: 12
Embroidery Area: 350mm * 200mm
Thread Trimming: automatic trimming with automatic thread locked
Color Change: automatic color change
Maximum Speed: 1000rpm
Starting Point: infared ray
Main Motor: servo motor
Drive Motor: step motor
Drive Connection Mode: based support mode
Rotary Hook: japan imported
Electric control system: DAHAO A15 touching screen
Maximum storage: 200 million stitches or 800pcs design
Standard accessories: table board, cap frame (embroidery area: 75mm * 300mm), plastic frame (embroidery area: 350mm * 200mm \ 100mm * 100mm \ 60mm * 40MM)
Power supply voltage: ac100-240v (50-60Hz)
Power: 0.15kw
N. weight: 41kgs
G.wight: 65kgs
Packing: carton
Packing size: 826mm * 712mm * 732mm
Languages: Chinese, English, Spanish, Turkish, Russian, French, Portuguese, Arabic, Thai, Italian, German, Dutch, Polish
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machine service

Advance of function

1. Inside network technology:
the design in your computer can USB disk or net mode input.also can connect all machines with one computer for the same design to have them work at the same time.
2. Red laser position function
3. Automatic color change
4. Automatic thread trimmer
5. Thread break detection
6. Support 14 countries languages

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