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RAINBOWE—Professional Sock Machine FactoryRainbowe

We are integrating production, marketing and service, specializing in the production of various kinds of sock machines.
In addition, we also provide auxiliary equipment such as Sock Toe Closing Machine, Sock Boarding Machine, Sock Dotting Machine, Sock Tagging Machine and all kinds of raw materials (ACY, SCY, Rubber, Spun Polyester, Polyester DTY, etc) for making socks.
Up to now, RB machinery have been exported to Peru, Argentina, Ecuador, India, Algeria, Ethiopia, etc. We strictly control the quality of each machine, and make customers feel comfortable and satisfied! Besides good products, we have excellent service concept. Our perfect pre-sale service and after-sales service has won a favorable reputation among our clients, which can eliminate your worries.  At last, welcome to our company’s products, we will serve you wholeheartedly.
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Why RAINBOWE is Trusted by 1000+ ClientsRainbowe

1. Professional Technical Support
We can not only provide sock machine running videos, but also professional technicians. You can communicate with technicians one-on-one through video calls to ensure that all your after-sales problems are solved.
2. 48 Hours High Speed Operation Test
All sock machines will undergo a 48-hour 330RPM high-speed test after production to ensure that all parts are operating normally. Then machines will be debugged to make socks and finally packaged and shipped.
3. Quality Continues to Upgrade
We are continuously upgrading the quality of the spare parts applied on sock machine, thereby extending the machine life and providing a reliable guarantee for the machine stability and durability as well as its performance, help clients saving not only maintenance costs, but also the sock production costs from the daily machine running.

Other advantages of RAINBOWE Rainbowe

Turning ideas into reality!Rainbowe

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What Our Customer SayRainbowe


William from Peru

Your machines are good I saw it at the 2019 textile fair in Peru, I like it a lot. And the sock machines I received are very good they work very well, very soon I will make another order for machines and spare parts. Thank you to all the factory workers, rainbowe.


Alex from Ecuador

Sock machines all were very good! We have been doing several test socks and everything is fine. We are ready to place the new order that allows 3D socks to be done. I’m very happy to found you and your company.  No one would have done me such a favor. You are really good and very sincere. You are a good friend.


Juses from Colombia

My friend, choosing RB was your way of clearing up all the doubts I had. Many vendors don’t do that... Because I didn’t know anything about these machines...It was also my first import. I am very excited to have made a deal with you. You are very kind.


Carlos from Mexico

As for your machines, my dear ophelia it was at the required level and it was a successful experience for me. The machines that I now have are almost 4 years old and it has not given me any problems, I really like your machine. Ladies, believe me, I am very happy.


Abraham from Ethiopia

Yesterday one of the Chinese manufacturers of sock knitting machines sent me a message. He asked me about our machines. When he realized that the machines in our workshop are of various brands, he asked me opinion about the best brand of Chinese machines. And I told him that I think RB is the best.


Naki from Tunisia

My dear friend, I built a new factory to put the rainbowe machines only. Today all the machines have been put into operation, they are fine now, thanks to you and your entire team!


Botir from Uzbekistan

I like RB sock machines very much. Compared with other sock machines I own, firstly, the production capacity is increased, secondly, spare part consumption reduced highly, and thirdly, with other machines, a master look after max 20 sock machines, but she can look after 60 RB sock machines, due to less damage and broken needles. Fourth, less electricity, less female operators. Fifth, the quality of the socks is much better, so I made the right decision.


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