Auto Sock Turn Over Machine with Sock Linking Sewing Machine

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Needle Number: 72-220 N

Production Capcity: 800 pairs/hour

Type of Socks: Suitable for all kinds of socks

 This machine can save you time and labor costs

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Automatic Sock Turn Over Machine with Sock Toe Closing Machine

1. The working parameters of the automatic socks turning machine are controlled by the touch screen computer of the sock linking machine, which can be adjusted according to different socks varieties

2. Suitable for plain socks, pantyhose

3. The success rate of turning socks is over 90%

Name Sock Turn Over Machine
Needle Number 72-220 N
Production Capcity 800 pairs/hour
Type of Socks Suitable for all kinds of socks
Motor Running Speed 1500 rpm/min
Voltage 220 V
Sock Linking Machine Power 250 W
Sock Turning Machine Power 300 W
Package Size 120*80*150 CM 

Dual-Mode Sock Turn Over Machine

1. Dual mode working, can choose different mode according to the socks
2. High efficiency, about 1.2 second for one piece sock
3. Easy to operate, all are controlled by computer
4. Automatic count the number, save time!

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