Automatic Knitting Double Cylinder Sock Machine for Making Socks for Sale

Short Description:

Double Cylinder Sock Machine

Diameter of Cylinder: 4″, 4.5″

4 color yarns sequence – exchange knitting 

“Y “from of heel part 

This machine is a rollerless double-cylinder socks knitting machine controlled by a computer, which can knit men’s socks, women’s socks, children’s socks, sports socks etc


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Product Description

Diameter of Cylinder 4", 4.5"
Needle Count 4"=96N-200N
Revolution 4"=280RPM-300RPM
Electricity 3P-AC 220-440V 50/60Hz
Computer 0.5KW
Motor 1.5KW
Net Weight 450KG
Gross Weight 520KG
Packing Dimention 0.97*0.9*2M

Technical Feature

1 . Drumless, fully automatic electronic control system .
2 . Electro - pneumatic yam finger, bolt cam control .
3 . Brushless motor with electronic drive .
4 . 6 yarn finger .
5 . 4 color yarns sequence - exchange knitting .
6 . Various sensor for fault ( Yarn , Inler , Yarn cutting , Defected Needle , Selector cutting Electric fault ) .
7 . Automatic lubrication to button direction .
8 . Socks separation to button direction .
9 . Adjustment of socks quality by stepping motor .
10 . "Y "from of heel part .
For more technical features, please contact our sales staff .

Product Application


This machine is a rollerless double-cylinder socks knitting machine controlled by a computer, which can knit men's socks, women's socks, children's socks, sports socks etc.

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Other Sock Machine



If you just want to make normal socks such as casual socks, fashion socks, 3d socks, sport socks... Single cylinder sock knitting machine can also be used.
And the single cylinder sock machine is cheaper than the double cylinder sock machine.


Company Introduction


Shaoxing Rainbowe Machinery Co., Ltd is a professional sock machine manufacturer.
We are supplying the whole sock production line including sock making machine, sock toe linking machine, sock boarding machine, sock tagging machine, as well as sock raw materials for new starters and sharing latest technology in sock production industry with experienced worldwide sock producers.
Moreover, Rainbowe believes Quality is the life of a company, Service is the guarantee of a brand, hope following with this guidance, Rainbowe becomes your trustworthy and strategic business partner.

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