Cheap Price Feijian Computer Sock Knitting Machine Price for Making Soccer Socks

Short Description:

RB-6FTP 3.75″ Sock Knitting Machine
Model                            RB-6FTP
Diameter of Cylinder     3.75″
Needle Count                 96N 108N Baby Socks
                                     120N Children Socks
                                     132N Teenager Socks
                                     144N Ladies or Men’s Socks
                                     156N 168N Men’s Socks
                                     200N Quality Men’s Socks

Production Capacity: 250-400 Pairs/24 hours according to different sizes of socks
Voltage: 380V / 220V

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Product Description

3.75 Inch Plain & Terry Socks Knitting Machine Technical Specification
Model RB-6FTP  
Diameter of Cylinder 3.75"  
Needle Count:  96N 108N Baby Socks
120N Children Socks
132N Teenager Socks
144N Ladies or Men’s Socks
156N 168N Men’s Socks
200N Quality Men’s Socks
Maximum Speed 280-330R.P.M
Voltage: 380V / 220V
Main Motor 1.3KW
Fan ≥1.1KW(Optional)
Gross Weight 300KGS
Package Size 0.94*0.75*1.55M(1.1m³)
Production Capacity 250-400 Pairs/24 hours according to different sizes of sock

Type of Socks can be made:

By Way of Knitting: Plain Socks

By Ages: Baby Socks, Children Socks; Teenagers’ Socks; Adults’ Socks

By Sock Styles: Fashion Socks; Business Socks; Sports Socks; Casual Socks; Football Socks; Cycling Socks

By Sock Length: Ankle Socks; Knee High Socks; Over Knee High Socks

By Function: Mesh, Tuck Stitch, Rib, High Elastic Welt, Double Welt, Y Heel, Two-color Heel, five toe socks, left and right socks, bottom toe sewing socks, 3D socks, Jacquard socks etc


Socks Line Building

Pre-production Equipment:

Air Compressor, Air Compressor Storage Tank, Filter, Cooling Drier, Stabilizer, Suction Fan Motor 

The above-mentioned equipment sizes or power will be different according to different quantity of sock machine.

Sock Toe Closing Machine:

One-motor model 181; Two-motor model 282; Three-motor model 383; Five-motor model 585; Six-motor model 686

Sock Boarding Machine:

Electrical Sock Boarding Machine; Box Sock Boarding Machine; Rotary Sock Boarding Machine.


Suitable production line below 10 sets sock machines:



Standard Function


3.75 inch cylinder


As the most important part of socks machine used to knit socks. The diameter cylinder of this model is 3.75 inch. The needle counts of cylinder can be choosen according to the different age group.



It is used to control the Jacquard needles to make jacquard patterns as you like. The round wire we use lasts longer than other flat wires and is less prone to damage.


Pattern designing software


Easy pattern designing software, which can be installed and used on personal computer. You can design socks patter with your own idea, to make DIY socks as you like!

Double use machine


RB-6FTP is double use sock machine model, which is suitable for both summer wearing plain thin type socks and winter wearing terry thick type socks.


Pay only 1 machine cost but can make 2 different kinds of socks, it is really a economical choice.


Optional Configuration:

1. Suction fan motor 1.1kw (for small quantity of sock machine, below 10 sets, individual suction fan motor is suggested, if over 10 sets, central suction fan motor is better, which can help save electricity consumption greatly)

2. Solenoid on main feeders, sub-feeders, valve box

3. Double elastic motors, double elastic feeders

4. BTSR yarn break sensors

5. LGL or Chinese brand accumulators

6. Robert yarn creel



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