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RB-6FP 3.5″ Plain Sock Knitting Machine

Needle Count: 96N  108N  120N  132N  144N  156N  168N

Production Capacity: 300-400 Pairs/24 hours according to different sizes of socks

This machine can make non-terry socks, which is more suitable for summer and hot countries


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plain sock machine

RB-6FP plain sock knitting machine
RB-6FP is more suitable for summer because there is no fleece inside the socks. Max. 16 colors can be knitted in one sock. Production Capacity is about 300-400pairs per 24 hours according to different sizes or crafts of socks.

96N 108N - Baby socks
120N - Children Socks
132N - Teenager socks
144N - Ladies or Man's socks
156N 168N 200N - man's socks

RB-6FP 3.5" Plain Sock Knitting Machine
Model RB-6FP
Diameter of Cylinder 3.5"
Needle Count 96N 108N 120N 132N 144N 156N 168N 200N
Voltage 380V / 220V
Gross Weight 300KGS
Package Size 0.94*0.75*1.55M(1.1m³)

RB-6FP can be made:
1.By Way of Knitting: Plain Socks
2.By Ages: Baby Socks, Children Socks; Teenagers’ Socks; Adults’ Socks
3.By Sock Styles: Fashion Socks; Business Socks; Sports Socks; Casual Socks; Football Socks; Cycling Socks
4.By Sock Length: Ankle Socks; Knee High Socks; Over Knee High Socks
5.By Function: Mesh, Tuck Stitch, Rib, High Elastic Welt, Double Welt, Y Heel, Two-color Heel, five toe socks, left and right socks, bottom toe sewing socks, 3D socks, Jacquard socks etc


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Servo driving & Motor

A important part in sock machines. Royaltec or Y.M.C, both of them are stable in performance and less repair rate.


There are 13 kinds language in the system: English, Chinese, Russian, Spanish, Italian, etc.



Sock knitting needles

There are two brands of needles: Feijian and Golden Roc.
For each machine, needles are necessary. It maybe broken because of often used. The picture shows a part of needles, and there are other spare parts, such as ring cutter, small cutter.

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Main Function

1. Machine is with 8 main feeder and 5 groups of auxiliary feeders, 6 colors can be kitted in one horizontal line, and max. 16 colors can be knitted in one sock.
2. Double down pickers, up pickers are adopted, improving and increasing the toe/heel knitting speed, also can knit big or small sock heels, high heels.
3. High speed controlling system is adopted with muti-languages: English, Russian, Spanish, Arabic, etc. UPS function can keep the running program when electricity fails and continue the previous program when electricity is on again. And huge quantity of pattern files can be stored in the sock machine computer system.
4. Automatic lubrication system, making it easy for sock machine maintenance. Besides needle or yarn breakage, electronic error will be shown on the display automatically.
5. Easy pattern designing software, which can be installed and use on personal computer.
6. Branded pneumatic system is adopted for more accurate controlling, quicker movement, longer machine life.
7. Quality cylinder is used preventing white oily socks.

Sock Production Line

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