Sock Machine Knowledge (model, needle count, sock type, raw materials)

The RB sock machine has 4 models: RB-6FP, RB-6FP-I, RB-6FTP, RB-6FTP-I. Each model has multiple needle counts to choose from. The following information can help you determine which needle count cylinder is best for your needs.

sock machine

What Sizes of Cylinders are Available?

The cylinder of RB sock machine has different needle count to choose from:

Single cylinder: 96N, 108N 120N, 132N, 144N, 156N, 168N, 200N

More information on the knit sizes made with each needle count is provided below.

Which Sizes of Cylinders Do You Need?

Our Sock Machine comes with one cylinder in the size of your choice. The selection is mainly based on the age group of socks you want to make:

96N, 108N, 120N-----Baby Socks

132N-----Teenagers’ Socks

144N-----Lagies or Men’s Socks

156N, 168N-----Men’s Socks

200N-----Quality Men’s Socks

Please note that there are no strict requirements for this classification. For example, 120N can be used to make baby socks. If the density is loosened and the length is lengthened, children over 10 years old can also wear them.

The chart below illustrates the needle counts to consider based on age. If you are looking for a machine to make socks for all ages, we recommend that you buy two machines, 120N and 144N, because the size difference between baby socks and adult socks is too big for one machine to achieve one needle count.

sock machine

After choosing the appropriate needle count, do you want to know the differences between different models of sock machines?

The main difference between the 4 models of sock machines is the type of socks they make. The more types a machine can do, the higher the price will be.

The picture below illustrates the types of socks that can be made in different models. Please note that this only shows a part of the socks. You can send us a picture of the socks you want to make, and we will recommend the suitable model to you.

sock machine



What kind of materials are used to make a sock?

Main yarn: spun polyester, woolen, cotton, polypropylene, blended yarn, fancy yarn, etc

Inside (make socks stretchable): air covered yarn, spandex covered yarn

Welt: Rubber

Toe sewing: nylon yarn

knitting yarn

Which Needles Do I Use?

The needles used on the sock machine cylinder are:

Needle, Sinker, Dial Sinker, Jacquard Needles (As shown in the picture below, the brand we usually use is Feijian)

knitting needles
dial sinker

Ready to Choose Your Sock Machine?

After selecting the appropriate model and needle count, we will also provide instructional videos and online technical support to help you successfully start your business.


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