How to Choose Your First Sock Knitting Machine ?

Hello, guys, welcome to RAINBOWE. Socks are one of the indispensable garments in life, and many people want to start their own socks business, whether they have experience or not. If you have such an idea, how to choose a high-performance, high-quality, and cost-effective sock knitting machine is very important to you.

So today I’m going to help you to choose the fitted first sock knitting machine, including what kind of machines are suitable for beginners and how to buy your machine more nicely. Here are some suggestions offer to you.


First suggestion: Figure out what socks you're going to make?

Before buying a sock knitting machine, you need to think about what kind of socks you want to make? Children's socks or adult socks? Plain socks or terry socks? Sports socks? Invisible socks? Or other types.

Our sock machines are selected according to different knitting methods, so you need to confirm whether they want to make plain socks, terry socks or plaim invisible socks. In this way, we can quickly recommend the most suitable model for you.

sock machine

Second suggestion: Figure out what quantity of your order would be ?

For these items, you need to figure out the quantity of the order. You know, your working hours per day is limited. The working capacity of the sock knitting machine will determine your daily socks output. If you estimate that your order volume will be large, then you need more than 10 sock knitting machines and a more complete production line, but if you just want to sell some in the store, then one or two sock knitting machines and a simple production line are enough .

In fact, many of our customers started with small production lines (1-2 sock knitting machines, 1 sock toe closing machine, 1 sock boarding machine), because these equipments are enough to make complete socks without taking up much space and low cost. You can produce different socks to test which kind is more popular. Wait for the follow-up business to pick up and then buy more equipment to expand production.


Third suggestion: Choose right brand

Be sure to choose the right company, a company with great after-sales service, a company with many years of manufacturing experience, with very loyal customers, and ones who have a lot of experience, a lot of technology, and help you every step of the way. Especially when faced with complex problems, can you connect with you to solve them in the first time? This way you can rest assured that you will get help if you run into a problem. Make sure you find brands that are genuinely willing to push you, point you in the right direction, and lead you down the path of the socks industry.


Forth suggestion: What accessories should be prepared?

The forth suggestion we give you is that if you don’t know where you can buy accessories for sock making machines, you can bring some vulnerable accessories when you buy the machine (we will also prepare some accessories for each customer to make replace). Of course, you can also contact us to buy when necessary, or find suppliers on platforms such as Alibaba. Please note that when purchasing accessories, it is best to attach pictures of the original accessories or your machine brand, so as to ensure that the purchased accessories are suitable for your sock making machine.


Fifth suggestion: Choose the Right Machine That Fits Your Budget

The fifth tip is to make sure you choose the right machine for your budget. Basically, after you confirm the above details, you can start to think about how to buy the machine, how much budget you have, and how much you are prepared to pay. And, when you buy the machine, you need to consider whether you need to buy other things, such as raw materials for socks. Secondly, in terms of choosing the price of the machine, when you first start your business, if the types of socks you want to make are all conventional, you can buy a model with a lower price to save money.

Of course, some people will worry about the quality. It is recommended to check the knowledge of the product online and offline. You can choose some places you know to do research, such as customer reviews on shopping platforms, discussions on social media, such as Facebook, YouTube, etc. When you know enough about a brand, you can choose to believe it and buy it.

And, you can watch this video to learn about the sock making process.

More information can be checked on our YouTube Channel: Shaoxing Rainbowe Machinery Co., Ltd

All right, guys, that’s for today. If you do like our content today, if you do like our suggestions today, you can pay attention to our website and our blogs. Bye !

Post time: Aug-12-2023